Charles W. “Bubba” Wittkohl, Project Superintendent

Charles “Bubba” Wittkohl is a product of K-W’s commitment to close knit ties, making for a family atmosphere. Bubba began working for K-W in 1992 as a carpenter/foreman building the Blanco High School. His dedication to his craft, as well as his work ethics, easily led into his present position as one of our most experienced project superintendents. He has continually proven his worth by completing one successful project after another.

One of Bubba’s most celebrated successes was the completion of the Hangar 42 Renovation project at the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi, Texas. This hangar, at over 110,000 SF, was completely refurbished in little over one year. Coming in under budget and under time, this project lead the way for the coveted United States Navy Certificate of Commendation. As the highest naval award for a civilian contractor, K-W proudly acknowledges that Mr. Wittkohl’s dedication to his profession was the single most contributing factor in the receipt of this award. Just a few other outstanding examples of Mr. Wittkohl’s talents are:

  • CCNAS BOQ Bldg. #1281, Corpus Christi, TX 4 year renovation project; 185,000 SF, budget >$17M
  • Beltway Crossing Bldg 6 Shell Building, Houston, TX : 128,000 SF, budget >$3M
  • USPS Southwest FSO- Buda Main Post Office, Buda, TX: 8,520 SF, budget >$1M
  • CCNAS T-6 Phase I, Package 2 Facilities Recapitalization, Corpus Christi, TX Renovation project to Hangar 51, budget >$6M
  • CCNAS T-6 Phase II, Package 2 Facilities Recapitalization, Corpus Christi, TX Repair/modernize two WWII era hangars/modular fac., budget >$7M

When he does return home it is to Blanco and his wife Debbie. He enjoys what little time he takes off with hunting and fishing. A true outdoorsman, his dedication and skills there enhance and round out the construction team K-W has assembled over the years.

With many years experience, whether working at a military installation, government entity or owner/client, Bubba will continue to provide excellent supervision on all of K-W’s projects.