James Troy Knoll, Project Superintendent

James (Troy) Knoll, is one of K-W’s most colorful project superintendents. He truly epitomizes the “Texas” embodiment; he is larger than life in talent and possesses that uniquely Texas open and friendly personality. Originally hired as a carpenter, his organizational skills were rapidly uncovered. Within eight years he became a seasoned veteran in the construction world and progressed through the ranks to one of our top superintendents.

Whatever the project, from renovations for military installations or large universities to design/build projects for office complexes Mr. Knoll is a constant in K-W’s formula of owner satisfaction. He can immediately walk in, access the needs of the project, take over and produce a product to everyone’s satisfaction. Since Troy is a long term employee with K-W Construction we have listed only a few of his most recent projects:

  • Freeport 90 Business Park, Stafford, TX: Five Building Complex, steel/concrete office warehouse, >$12M
  • Parker Hannifin Shell Building, Stafford, TX: 60,000 SF, >$2M
  • USPS-N. Houston P & DC FSS Upgrade, Houston, TX: Renovations to several facility areas accomplished to an active facility
  • Kendrick Plaza Service Center, Houston, TX: Shell Building Lease Space-New Tenant, >$2M
  • World Houston 32 Shell Building, Houston, TX: 96,900 SF, >$4M
  • Atlas Copco Tenant Improvement, Houston, TX: Renovations for new tenant requirements
  • Gulfport Q4/BQ Design Build, Pascagoula, MS: Restore/modernize bachelor quarters on Naval base, .$23M

Born and raised in Blanco County, Texas, Troy continues to call Blanco home, but K-W Construction believes Troy finds a home at whatever location his next project is located in. With his children grown, he and his wife, Jodi are able to travel extensively for K-W. His family is our clients and his home is on the road. This is a testament to his ability to adapt and bring a finished project in on time and to the owner’s satisfaction.