Jane W. Kelley, Secretary-Treasurer

A more competent knowledgeable asset to the commercial construction business of K-W Construction, Inc. is not staffed with us. As spouse to the President of the corporation, Jane has been involved with the day-to-day operations of K-W Construction, since its early beginnings in 1982. First as the only other employee besides her husband, James H. Kelley, actively managing the office paperwork, bookkeeping duties, phone calls and subcontractors and owner’s paperwork. As well as payroll and all the accounting duties, she found little time for the other duties that all of her titles called upon.

As K-W Construction, Inc. flourished in the late 1980’s, additional staff was brought aboard to lighten her daily duties. Eventually allowing her to manage the upper tier skills called upon a corporate secretary/treasurer to manage. Jane has carefully balanced her duties to K-W, while ever maintaining the corporate goals that she and Jim had envisioned from the beginning.

Moving their three children here with them in the early eighties allowed for a small town upbringing and the chance to build a home for themselves and their children in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. While an office staff tends to the more tedious of Jane’s original duties, she is always available to step in and assist with items she has handled off and on over the years.

As K-W Construction completed over $20M in projects for the fiscal year ending 2005, Jane’s primary duties consisted of trouble shooting for the more exacting problems faced on a daily basis for a corporate contractor. Military projects, commercial clients, government entities and private/public schools and universities provide for a multitude of activities that only her expertise can answer. Employees, subcontractors, suppliers, and vendors as well as owners have come to rely upon her insightful input and common sense approach to a tremendous amount of problems.

From day one, through the present and on into the future, Jane Kelley brings much construction experience to the office. Her experience and years of dedication are part of the success ‘behind the scenes’ for K-W and its employees.