James H. Kelley, Vice-President\Chairman of the Board

James H. Kelley heads up the K-W Construction organization along with his wife, Jane.  In 1965 he earned his Associates Degree of Applied Science in Architectural Design and Technology at Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, Texas. He then spent four years serving in the United States Air Force as a Missile Guidance & Control Specialist. His Vietnam service spanned from 1967 through 1968.

Beginning his long career he started working with Burnett Construction as a field engineer and assistant superintendent in 1970, he quickly moved on to Manhattan Construction as a project Manager. In 1975 he joined E.B. Roberts Construction and remained with their organization till the formation of his first partnership, Sea Turtle, Inc. Sea Turtle provided offshore quarters and structures for the oil industry out of the Houston area. His success in that partnership allowed him and his wife to form K-W in June of 1982.

Relocating his wife and three children to San Marcos in 1982 he built a stable foundation for their home and the employees of K-W Construction. Besides the day to day operations of running a business that does over $20 million a year in trade, he has time to immerse himself in civic and construction related organizations. As past-president of the Austin Chapter, Associated General Contractors of America, he also belongs to the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce. Texas State University in San Marcos, benefits from K-W’s membership in the Bobcat Club and support of the Student Chapter of AGC as well as a scholarship fund for construction technology students.

With receipt of numerous awards from both the military and the Associated General Contractors of America, K-W has proven itself to be a true reflection of the integrity and professionalism Mr. Kelley possessed when he began K-W, over thirty years ago.